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Thermal Blanket for Outdoor Adventures and Emergency Situations

Thermal Blanket for Outdoor Adventures and Emergency Situations

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Stay prepared for any situation with our versatile Mylar Thermal Blanket, originally designed for NASA. This multi-purpose space blanket is essential to your outdoor gear, perfect for camping, hiking, and travel.

1. Signal Reflective Film: The thermal blanket doubles as a reflective film, enabling you to signal rescuers in emergency situations.
2. Weather Protection: On rainy days, the blanket can be used as a poncho or a canopy, providing the necessary shelter.
3. Vehicle Heat Shield: In the summer, use the blanket to cover your car's front windshield when parked under direct sunlight, effectively reducing heat absorption within the vehicle.
4. Heat Retention: In cold environments, the blanket retains up to 80% of your body heat, preventing hypothermia. Its strong reflective properties make it easier for rescue personnel to locate you, making it an invaluable wilderness survival tool.

- Size (Unfolded): 130cm x 210cm (51.18in x 82.68in)
- Material: Coated PET film
- Weight: 40g per piece
- Quantity: 4 pieces per packet
- Color: Silver

Equip yourself with our Mylar Thermal Blanket, your reliable partner for outdoor adventures and emergency situations.

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