Our Partners

JustGoodKit Australia collaborates with a range of esteemed partners and suppliers, including:

Valhalla Tactical: Elevating military-standard gear with enhanced comfort and functionality, Valhalla Tactical offers packs, pouches, clothing, and sleeping gear designed for demanding missions and adverse conditions.


Tech Vest Australia: Founded in 2001 by Trevor Boyd, Tech Vest Australia revolutionized underground workers' equipment carrying efficiency with "The Tech Vest." This load carrying harness, designed and trademarked by Boyd, garnered recognition at the 2002 OHS Innovation Awards. Tech Vest Australia utilizes the latest materials and modern technology in manufacturing, offering competitive pricing and handling bulk orders for mining ventures and associated industries.


Just Killing Time: Quality Defence Apparel and Accessories

Just Killing Time


Tactically Engaged: Specializing in premium silicone rings, Tactically Engaged provides durable alternatives to traditional metal wedding rings. Their rings are ideal for individuals working in high-risk environments.


AMS Exports: Delivering worldwide, AMS Exports manufactures a wide range of Damascus Steel knives, swords, and axes. Their expertise lies in producing high-quality handmade blades to suite any application.



Aussie Veterans Coffee Co is a business of Aussie Veterans Pty Ltd. Our business is run by a Veteran's Advocate with the goal of providing employment opportunities for members of our community that have been effected by their service to Australia.

Through these partnerships, JustGoodKit Australia ensures that customers have access to a diverse range of high-quality gear and equipment, tailored to the demands of outdoor enthusiasts, and tactical professionals.

 Aussie Veterans Coffee Co.