ABOUT JustGoodKit

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The reason we exist. JustGoodKit is an Australian business that seeks to help its customers make modern existence productive and rewarding by offering products that improve the individual’s quality of life.

Life experience. Adam has over 35 years of military knowledge which he uses to select products  that can add value to people’s personal/professional efficiency and effectiveness. Adam’s ultimate satisfaction is when he supplies a product that is truly useful to a customer’s need.

Our passion your benefit. The JustGoodKit brand and shop was born from a passion where being prepared is a way of life and the ultimate objective. Preparedness enables the mind to be free to do a job to the best of one’s ability, without the impediment/shackles of having to organise the basics continually. If a bit of kit can help achieve freedom from nervousness, concern, fear of not being prepared, then all the better. JustGoodKit is here to assist customers along toward that ultimate end state.

Australian first. Our default position is to source products from Australian manufacturers first. Only then, when we can’t find the variety or type of product we want for our customers we look further afield to overseas suppliers to source the range of products our customers want. It is a delicate balance between doing what we can for our beautiful country and looking after our fantastic customers.

Business Method
JustGoodKit is a private labelling business that will select products from manufacturers and design unique products shaped by life experience.

Business Values
Integrity. I want my suppliers and me to build trust by “doing what we say we will do”. Honesty is everything to me and my business.

Quality. Companies that manufacture for JustGoodKit must make quality products for a fair price. The product must do what they say they will do without any risk to the customer.

Productive business relationships. JustGoodKit wants to develop a long-term relationship with the right manufacturer that is mutually beneficial, capable of growing both our businesses.