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Four Wheel Drive Expedition Water Containers

Four Wheel Drive Expedition Water Containers

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Four Wheel Drive Expedition Water Containers

Why Choose This Product? For the avid off-roader and vehicle-bound adventurer, Naturehike's rugged water containers perfectly match your 4x4 journeys. This container is designed to meet the hydration needs of four-wheel drivers; they are resilient, easy to store in your vehicle, and ready for any terrain.

Product Description: This container is rugged and built with vehicle storage in mind to endure the bumps and bounces of off-road excursions. With a secure grip and a robust build, they ensure your water supply remains intact and accessible, no matter how rough the ride gets. They're not just durable; they're also safe for storing all types of consumable liquids.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: The product is tailored for expeditions and available in 20L for extended adventures and 12L for day trips.
  • Optimized Weight: Solid yet transportable at 0.9kg for the 12L and 1.2kg for the 20L, not adding much to your payload.
  • High-Temperature Durability: Can safely hold liquids at temperatures up to 60℃, perfect for hot climates.
  • Convenient Sizes: At 35x16x34cm for the 12L and 35x17x46cm for the 20L, they fit snugly in any vehicle setup.
  • Material Quality: Made from food-grade PE/PP, ensuring the purity of your water is never compromised.
  • Neutral Colours: Available in Khaki and Army green, blending seamlessly with your vehicle and gear.
  • Ease of Cleaning: A wide opening means quick and easy cleaning, even when you're off the grid.

Secure a water container for your next off-road challenge, and keep your focus on the journey, not your water supply.

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