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Tactical Outdoor Gear Australia - Jeep Wrangler Storage Bag

Tactical Outdoor Gear Australia - Jeep Wrangler Storage Bag

Adam King November 22, 2020

I bought my Jeep Wrangler 2013 JKU and immediately discovered there is nowhere to store stuff in the front.
The one thing I love is to have everything I need for off road adventure within arms reach. That includes my air tools, maps, devices, Radio, small tools writing implements and even hand sanitiser; all that stuff that you need to take but there is no ware to store in the front of the Jeep, and not safe to store on the dashboard.
I found nothing on the market that I thought was good enough so I decided to design my own bag, and there it is below.
This bag can contain all the essentials for running an off road adventure from the front of your Jeep Wrangler as well as give your front passenger a place to put their stuff as well; and still be able to access your glove box. Legroom in the front is also an issue so I made sure I tapered the shape of the bag to maximise passenger comfort.
The bag also provides your gear with protection from the elements when you have your freedom top removed. The bag is padded, dust proof and water resistant. I fitted a shoulder strap so you can remove and take with your valuables extremely easily when you leave your Jeep to go for a walk or to a restaurant.
Jeep life and the jeep community inspired this creation and so the only thing left for you to do is check it out. I am always open for design suggestions so reach out if you have any.

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