Make Your Travel Toilet Experience Easier this Holiday

Make Your Travel Toilet Experience Easier this Holiday

Time out for a toilet stop while in full flight having fun or travel away from home is never convenient or even fun to think about. So why not make it easier with the Ultimate Portable Toilet Roll Holder.

No need to juggle your critical ablution kit while you negotiate the unseen dangers of a strange toilet. This holder gives you the confidence to keep your toilet roll and hand sanitiser off the floor or off any yucky surface with a secure wrist loop to hang off the toilet door, shovel handle, or around you wrist or neck.

The bag prevents your roll turning to tatters in your backpack/car or disintegration in the rain during that arduous dash into the dark toward an even darker camp site loo!

If you drop your stuff shine the torch and see the bag in the dark; even Velcro your name on the outside when you camp/travel with others.

We at JustGoodKit think basic to support your “basic” everyday carry and tactical gear Australia needs.

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