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Valhalla Frame Pouch for ALICE Pack

Valhalla Frame Pouch for ALICE Pack

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Enhance your carrying capacity with the Valhalla Frame Pouch - a robust and spacious solution for your ALICE pack system. Tailor-made for outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and adventurers, this pouch is perfect for those who require extra storage without compromising mobility or comfort. It's a simple upgrade that delivers substantial results.

Product Description

The Valhalla Frame Pouch is a durable, lightweight storage accessory designed to attach to an ALICE frame, neatly tucked behind the waist support pad for easy access and balanced weight distribution. It is ideal for accommodating a hoochie or other similarly sized items, providing that extra bit of needed space while on the move.

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: Designed to fit snugly on the lower section of an ALICE-style frame
  • Capacity: Spacious main compartment suitable for a hoochie or items of equivalent size
  • Material: Constructed with high-durability fabric for rigorous use
  • Attachment: Secure straps ensure a stable fit to the frame with minimal hassle
  • Accessibility: Positioned for easy reach without removing the pack
  • Colour: Available in a neutral tone to complement your existing gear

This Valhalla Frame Pouch extends the functionality of your ALICE pack, making it a practical addition for any mission or trail.

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