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Sleeping Mat by Valhalla

Sleeping Mat by Valhalla

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This Sleeping Mat by Valhalla is made with six water-repellent closed-cell foam panels, encased in a 210D waterproof ripstop in their new Australian Compatible Camouflage (ACC), which compliments the existing AMCU. Called the ‘Shorty Mate’, it is a comfortable and reliable alternative to the bulky self-inflatable mats and can be stowed neatly inside the ALICE frame or easily strapped to your pack. This mat’s compact design is ideal for a bailout bag because it balances comfort with size and weight. Check it out.

- Weight: 380g
– Overall size/dimensions: 102 x 52 cm (¾ Body Length)
– Folded down size/dimensions: 7 x 35 x 26 cm
– 6 internal closed cell foam panels
– Securing strap with Mil Spec buckle
– Its inside ALICE frames
– Storage pouch
– Colour – Australian Compatible Camouflage (ACC)

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