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Two Point Tactical Sling by Valhalla

Two Point Tactical Sling by Valhalla

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Introducing the Two Point Tactical Sling by Valhalla – the ideal lightweight and functional solution for carrying any item hands-free. This versatile sling effortlessly converts from a two-point to a one-point sling using the D Rings, ensuring maximum adaptability. Experience reduced bounce and increased stability with the heavy-duty bungee elastic design.

Featuring HK Snap Hooks with an elastic tube covering, this sling minimizes noise and prevents accidental opening. The Duraflex buckles enable quick release when necessary, while the sling's ample adjustment and comfortably wide webbing ensure a perfect fit without feeling bulky.

Color: Multicam
Type: Two Point Sling
Conversion: Easily converts from two-point to single-point sling
Construction: Dual Bungee
Attachment: HK snap hook adapter with noise-reducing elastic tube cover
Quick Release: Side-release buckle for adapter sling
Webbing: 1.25" wide, equipped with Duraflex buckles

Elevate your carrying experience with the Valhalla Two Point Tactical Sling, offering exceptional versatility and comfort for any situation.

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