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Single Point Tactical Sling by Valhalla

Single Point Tactical Sling by Valhalla

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This Single Point Tactical Sling by Valhalla is a perfect lightweight and practical option for any item you need to sling from your body. The sling attaches to anything at one point with the HK Snap Hook. The heavy-duty bungee elastic will absorb the bounce from a heavy item slung to your body. The HK Snap Hooks are covered with an elastic tube to reduce noise and accidental opening. The Duraflex buckles ensure a quick release when required. The sling has plenty of adjustment, and the webbing is wide enough for comfort but not too wide as to feel bulky on the body.

  • Single Point Sling
  • Dual Bungee Construction
  • HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic tube
  • Side-Release Buckle for Adapter Sling
  • 1.25" Webbing, with Duraflex Buckles (MOJAVA, part #9094 & #9095)
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