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Blood Group Keychains by Valhalla

Blood Group Keychains by Valhalla

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Blood Group

These Blood Group Keychains by Valhalla with Snaphook will help first responders know your blood group. Clip it on your belt or uniform. The quick release snap hook on these unique key chains will do the talking for you and let first responders tell in an instant what blood type you are should you require an emergency transfusion.

These blood tags can be hooked on to other key chains or virtually anywhere you would like to be able to identify your blood type.

There is a handy Velcro strap for attaching to your belt or webbing so others never have to go searching.

Valhalla has designed these snap hook tags for every blood type.


  • Available for the following blood types: A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+, AB-
  • The POS and NEG indications are spelled out on the key chains
  • Use the Velcro strap can for attaching the tag to your belt or webbing platforms
  • Available in Multicam
  • Low price points means you can buy the tag, take off the Snaphook and use it on your rifle sling
  • Letting first responders know your blood type without you having to utter a word could save your life in an emergency.
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