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ALICE Backpack Frame - Durable and Versatile Backpack Frame

ALICE Backpack Frame - Durable and Versatile Backpack Frame

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Upgrade your gear with the Advanced ALICE Pack Frame, the perfect blend of modern technology and trusted military design. Ideal for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts, this frame offers a lighter, more durable alternative to traditional setups. Its robust construction and innovative materials make it the top choice for those requiring reliable support in extreme conditions.

Product Description:
Introducing the revolutionary polymer fiber PALICE frame, designed to enhance the classic ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) backpack system. This frame, made from high-grade Zytel material, is not only featherlight but incredibly tough, weighing just 0.69 kg. It withstands extreme temperatures from -40 to 150°C and utilizes advanced injection molding techniques for optimal comfort and weight distribution. Choose from tactical Coyote Brown or classic Ranger Green to match your gear.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Premium Zytel for ultimate durability
  • Weight: Only 0.69 kg, lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Dimensions: 52.07 cm x 31.75 cm x 10.16 cm
  • Color Options: Coyote Brown, Ranger Green
  • Temperature Tolerance: From -40 to 150°C
  • Manufacturing: Expertly crafted in the U.S.A.
  • Features: Corrosion-resistant, better than aluminum frames, with balanced weight distribution

Enhance your carrying capabilities with our Advanced ALICE Pack Frame, combining historical reliability with cutting-edge technology for the ultimate backpacking experience. Secure yours today and step into your next adventure with confidence!


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