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Tactical Dog Glasses

Tactical Dog Glasses

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Tactical Dog Glasses is just as necessary as it is for humans. Dogs also need protection from the elements, whether UV rays, wind, or water. That's why tactical dog glasses are a must-have for any outdoorsy pup. Not only do they offer UV protection and windproofing, but they also help to keep your dog's eyes clear while swimming or skating. Plus, they look super stylish. So if you're looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses for your four-legged friend, be sure to check out our selection of tactical dog glasses.

Dog goggles are made up of a soft TPE frame and 2 adjustable elastic straps. Lenses are ultraviolet ray resistant. Sunglass vents can send out vapour to your dogs.

Wide goggles can stay in the dog's head pretty well, and provide a good view, the soft frame won't hurt the fur on the dog's face and eyes, and more comfortable for your dog to put on.

Never worry about your dog sticking the head out the car window when you riding or driving outside because these sunglasses can prevent some little rock or something might hit the dog's eyes. Not only protect dogs' eyes from wind and sun in summer but also snowproof, and anti-dust when skiing and running.

Head Elastic Straps:

L size 22-38cm; Chin Elastic Straps: 18-30cm (No Tensile Measurement);

S size 40-54cm; Chin Elastic Straps: 12-20cm (No Tensile Measurement);

Framebridge Perimeter: 30cm. Perfect for longe snout dogs like German Shepherd, Gree, Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Doberman, and Shepherd dogs.


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