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Best Hiking Food - Spicy Mexican Beans

Best Hiking Food - Spicy Mexican Beans

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Spicy Mexican Beans offer a delightful and fiery blend of tomatoes and beans, creating a delicious vegan meal. This meal brings the ultimate Mexican flavour to your table, perfect for adding zest to your rice or wrapping in a burrito. Ideal for outdoor adventures, it's a great way to refuel with real food that packs a punch.

Meal Description:

Our spicy Mexican beans are vegan-friendly and pack a medium spice level, which is just right. They provide a wholesome and tasty experience, far superior to freeze-dried alternatives. Each meal is packed fresh using retort technology, which seals in the taste and nutrients, ensuring every bite is as good as home-cooked.

Meal Specifications:

Each 250g serving is designed to last 3 years from the date of manufacture without needing refrigeration. This makes it perfect for storage and ready to eat anytime. Just boil the pouch for 3 minutes, or use our Flameless Heater bags, and enjoy a nutritious meal on the go. Serve it with rice or wrap it in a burrito for a complete meal.

How they’re different:

Spicy Mexican Beans are made from real food, not freeze-dried or reconstituted, and sourced from high-quality Australian ingredients. Our retort pouch technology ensures a long shelf life and a fresh taste. Ready in just 3 minutes, these meals provide convenience without compromising on flavour or nutrition.

How to use them:

Store these meals anywhere as they last for 3 years. To prepare, simply boil the pouch in water for 3 minutes or use our Flameless Heater bags. Enjoy them on their own or pair them with your favourite sides like rice or burritos for a satisfying meal.

Nutritional information:

A 250g serving of Spicy Mexican Beans contains 1980kJ of energy, 30.9g of protein, 6.2g of total fat, 0.9g of saturated fat, 59.4g of carbohydrates, 9.1g of sugars, 8.1g of dietary fibre, and 1050mg of sodium.


The ingredients include 38% red kidney beans, 17% tomato pulp consisting of crushed tomatoes and acidity regulator (330), water, 5% lima beans, 5% cannellini beans, onion, celery, carrot, red capsicum, 4% chickpeas, red wine (sulphites) containing red wine, salt, and preservative (220), canola oil, 1% Mexican spice (soy) with herbs and spices, salt, garlic, and herbs.

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