From Army Greens to JustGoodKit: My Journey to Superior Military Gear

From Army Greens to JustGoodKit: My Journey to Superior Military Gear


In 1985, I stepped into the Australian Army, an institution still echoing the ethos of the post-Vietnam era. My story isn't just about my service; it's about transforming military gear from standard issue to the innovative augmentation of JustGoodKit.

The Standard Issue: Functional but Not Comfortable
My military journey began with the same kit used in Vietnam: durable but not designed for comfort. The standard "Greens" uniform, black leather boots, and a leaky "Smock Physiological" rain coat were my initial companions. As a lightweight hiker passionate about emerging high-tech gear liked Gortex rainwear, I quickly realised in the early 1990s that the gap (time line and functional) between civilian innovation and military provisioning was long and wide. 

Frustrations and Innovations
Bound by regulations, I often found myself frustrated. Despite the availability of advanced gear in the civilian market, I was restricted to standard issue. However, necessity is the mother of invention. I invested in a civilian-made AUSCAM Gortex raincoat, significantly enhancing my field performance and comfort. This gear became a game-changer, protecting me from harsh conditions and hypothermia.

Overcoming Challenges with Quality Gear
Battling a speech impediment, I found confidence not just in my skills but in my gear. Quality equipment meant readiness and resilience, essential for leadership and endurance in the field. My meticulous approach to gear preparation and storage was my secret weapon, compensating for the confidence I felt I lacked compared to my peers. So the quality of my gear and my preparation became my personal mantra.

Birth of JustGoodKit
Years of outdoor and military experience led to an epiphany: I wasn't alone in this quest for better gear. This realisation birthed JustGoodKit, a venture dedicated to providing quality, ergonomic tactical style gear that could be used to augment military issue. It's more than a business; it's a mission to empower others with the right tools for optimal performance.

My journey from standard army gear to founding JustGoodKit reflects a deep understanding of the field's demands and the transformative power of quality equipment. It's a testament to the belief that the right gear can make all the difference, whether in training, in the field, or under the pressures of military life. Thankfully in 2023 civilian and military gear innovation is almost identical. But there are always improvements and new ideas to be had.