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Best Hiking Food - The GoPack

Best Hiking Food - The GoPack

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GoPack is the ultimate food solution for outdoor adventures, ensuring you stay fueled and hydrated with balanced and nutritious meals. Trusted by adventurers and emergency service providers across Australia, GoPack includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks, all in one convenient package. With a flameless heater bag and cutlery set included, you can enjoy hot meals anywhere.

Meal Description

GoPack offers a complete 24-hour ration pack designed for outdoor enthusiasts and emergencies. The pack features a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages to keep you going. For dinner, enjoy our popular Mild Chilli Con Carne. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or on a mission, GoPack ensures you stay energized and ready for any challenge. Fresh, not freeze-dried, and Australian-made, these meals come with a 3-year shelf life, ensuring long-lasting quality and taste.

Product Specifications

Weighing just 1kg, GoPack includes everything you need for a full day. Each pack provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. A unique feature of GoPack is the flameless heater bag, allowing you to heat your meals without a campfire. The dinner meal is our tasty Mild Chilli Con Carne, complemented by various snacks and drinks. The regular version includes a Monster Breakfast-in-A-Bag for breakfast, a John West Tuna Lunch Kit for lunch, and On Track Meals Mild Chilli con Carne with Obento Udon Noodles for dinner. Snacks include an On Track Meals Summit Bar Choc Cherry, Chief Beef Bar, Carman's Muesli Bar, a chocolate bar, and Arnott's Shapes. Drinks feature On Track Meals Summit Hydration, Milo, tea, coffee, sugar, and creamer. The vegetarian version offers a similar lineup with vegetarian-friendly options like Sirena Vegetarian Napoli Pasta and On Track Meals Spicy Mexican Beans for dinner.

The Best Food to Take Hiking

GoPack is perfect for hiking, offering balanced meals and snacks to keep your energy levels high. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry in your backpack. Each pack provides all the meals and snacks for one day, ensuring you have enough energy and nutrition for your adventure.

Food to Take Camping in Australia

GoPack offers shelf-stable meals and snacks ideal for camping in Australia. Enjoy hot meals without needing a campfire, thanks to the included flameless heater bag. With various nutritious options, GoPack is your go-to food solution for camping.

How Much Food for a 7-Day Hike

For a 7-day hike, you’ll need about 7 GoPacks. Each pack provides all the meals and snacks for one day, ensuring you have enough energy and nutrition for your entire adventure.

How to Pack Hiking Food

GoPack is designed for convenience. Its compact and lightweight packaging fits easily in your backpack, and with no meal prep required, all meals and snacks are ready to eat when you are.

How They're Different

GoPack redefines ration packs by combining On Track Meals products with Australia’s favorite snacks. Providing all the nutrition you need wherever your adventure takes you, GoPack ensures you stay energized and focused on your journey. Enjoy a variety of meals and snacks, all shelf-stable and ready to eat. Upgrade your outdoor experience with GoPack and be prepared for anything!

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